bridge /brij/ To make something possible by getting rid of disagreements, differences or difficulties.

Bridge is Designed to:

  • Deepen new friendships and strengthen the learning that was part of DISCOVER
  • Facilitate communication between teens and parents
  • Allow each generation to understand the other with open, genuine experiences and conversation
  • Prepare parents and teens for the upcoming BREAKTHROUGH module


Parent Participation Day

Acknowledging others is a cornerstone of the Life Unleashed Trainings and we practice this skill during Bridge. Both parents and teens participate in experiential processes that demonstrate open and honest communication. We begin with a fun, experiential process that brings up the internal dialogue of both parents and teens in relation to how they interact with others. Getting off of “auto-pilot” and looking at what triggers different emotions can be eye opening to those who have not fully considered that there are different ways to react to a single event. We also look at specific events in terms of the facts vs. how they are interpreted.

We will be checking in on progress made in the family since beginning this program. Parents and teens have the opportunity to ask questions of each other in an open forum where everyone has the opportunity to participate. Each family creates their own vision statement.

Course Times

BRIDGE will be held on a Saturday or Sunday in between the Discover and Breakthrough weekends.

10:00am – 6:30pm


Completion of DISCOVER

Course Price

$145 – Bridge Program

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