breakthrough /brāk, THroo/ An act of moving through or beyond an obstacle. A sudden advance, especially in knowledge or technique.


Is our second full weekend training experience where the focus is to deepen the character and leadership of the individual and promote teamwork. It is designed to develop the practice of radical integrity in everything they do. Teens will come out of the training powerfully owning every aspect of their life and have the courage to give and receive honest feedback as they take group dynamics to a whole new level.

Friday Agenda

Friday night’s experience is a deep dive into integrity. Each teen looks at their life’s purpose and examines the extent that they have been living, or not living, that purpose. They get clear on the impact that occurs when people play the game of life without integrity and purpose. They discover the importance of immediate clear action when it comes to living an effective life.

Saturday Agenda

With the help of their team, teens identify their blind spots and choose how they want to commit to moving forward in life. Through a series of team skits and other processes, teens work together in purposeful activities that are specifically designed to have the greatest impact on each individual as well as the team. Teens are encouraged to face whatever fear holds them back from achieving their dreams.

Sunday Agenda

On this final day, the teens rely on their new sense of confidence to step into their authenticity, break out of their comfort zone, and create inspiration. This day is filled with bold and courageous activities, fostering team learning and exponential growth. Parents are encouraged to attend the last 2 hours of the session to support and participate.

Course Times

Friday         6 pm – 11 pm

Saturday    10 am – 10 pm

Sunday       10 am – 6 pm


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Course Price

$695 Breakthrough Weekend Program


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