dis·cov·er /dəˈskəvər/ To find something or someone unexpectedly in the course of a search.


Part 1 of the Life Unleashed Transformational Trainings

Discover is brilliantly designed to have teens use the power of their word to take radical ownership of their lives. The Discover Module is our first program and the foundation for all future programs. It is a 3-day, 24-hour course designed to develop a new level of confidence that teens have yet to experience in life.

Friday Agenda

After registration, teens enter an interactive setting where they are encouraged to identify where they are in life right now. They are gently urged to take risks to step out of their comfort zone. They get in touch with trust and why they trust some people and not others. They start seeing that they are not alone in their thoughts, feelings and judgements. They identify the characteristics of being a leader and discover what it takes for them to create value in life while seeing where they avoid creating value. Each student is encouraged to fully participate throughout the course and to take their integrity to a new level.

Saturday Agenda

Teens have the opportunity to see where their limiting beliefs are holding them back in life. During the first half of the day, they dive into the impact that the past has on them, and through a powerful examination process, they have the opportunity to come to terms with that past, forgive themselves and others for any hurt they have been carrying, and powerfully move beyond it. They see how forgiveness and gratitude provide access to freedom and true choice. They get to see where they have felt like a victim to their circumstances in life, and how they can move from that mentality into one of accountability and trust.

Sunday Agenda

Teens focus on creating a new future, not based on the past, but based on the freedom to choose in the present. Each teen makes specific and bold declarations of who they are committed to being in their life, and then they have the opportunity to practice stepping into that new way of living. They discuss pitfalls that could happen and get in their way, and they are coached to create structures for themselves that set them up to win. They choose their own way forward, and they see how the rest of the LU curriculum can support them in their choices.

Course Times

Friday          6 pm – 11 pm

Saturday     10 am – 10 pm

Sunday        1 pm – 8 pm


8th – 12th grade teens

Course Price

Standard Price: Discover Weekend Program $395

Discounted Price: Discover Weekend Program including 3 volunteer hours $295

(Parent/Guardian agrees to contribute 3 volunteer hours during the training weekend.)

Use discount code “Friend” for an additional $25 off if your teen signs up a friend.


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