These are some questions parents typically ask.

FAQ’s Before Registration

Are these standalone courses or do they build on each other?

They are designed to go in the following order: Discover, Bridge, Breakthrough and Connect. Each is a prerequisite of the previous program, except Bridge which is strongly recommended, but not required.

What is The Experience?

Since Discover, Bridge and Breakthrough  are designed to naturally follow each other, The Experience is what we call these 3 programs together.  This is a 6 week total course and we strongly recommend parents consider signing up their teen for the entire 6 week experience.  However, parents can sign up their teen for the first Discover program and then sign up for Bridge and Breakthrough individually if they are more comfortable signing up one program at a time.

FAQ’s After Registration

When does registration start on Friday?

Registration begins at 5pm.  Training begins promptly at 6:00pm.

How do I contact my teen if they don’t have their phone?

You are welcome to contact a staff member if necessary.  At registration a list of phone numbers will be provided in case of an emergency.

What if my teen has food sensitivities or allergies?

We will be offering a food bar which will include healthy choices with gluten and dairy free options. Your teen is also welcome to bring their own food. A refrigerator will be available to store perishable items. Please email us ahead of time if your child has a life threatening food allergy we should be aware of.

Should my teen eat before arriving?

Yes! Please do not have your teen show up hungry to the trainings. It may be many hours before we break for a meal. Snacks are provided every few hours but will not be available at the beginning of training. Water is always available.

What should my teen wear?

We recommend clothing in layers, since many training rooms can get cool. Bring a hoodie or jacket. Wear comfortable shoes that are easy to walk in. No high heals please.

How will I know if you are running on schedule to pick up my teen?

We are teaching integrity which means that we will expect your teens to be on time each day. That also means that we will end on time. Please plan on arriving before the end time emailed to you before the training.

Do I need to be at registration if my teen can drive himself?

No, as long as you have filled out all the forms online your teen can drive to the trainings without parental supervision.





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