Parent Testimonials:

Life Unleashed Trainings has opened up my 14 year old son to connect with us, his parents, in a way that has never been possible before this training.  We now both feel comfortable talking about just about any subject, and even when my son isn’t that comfortable, he is able to articulate how he feels about whatever he is uncomfortable with. It’s opened up an avenue for us to have a deeper level relationship. –Laurie


I have noticed my son being more thoughtful after the trainings. He’s getting older and we haven’t hugged for awhile and when he came back from the first night of the training he gave me a big hug. His outward caring and loving towards me and his mother and sister is incredible, I can definitely see a change.          –Dad                                                                                                                       

Teen Testimonials:

I’ve had a lot of stress and felt like everything was out of control, feeling uncomfortable and not fitting in. I feel like training really helped me feel like I can actually control something in my life. Life is worth living and if you have the right mind set you can really do things you put your mind to.                  –K

After the training I was less stressed, talked more, I was able to get more work done and be more productive. I am really close to the people I did the training with and I’m happier. It’s nice to have someone there to talk to and tell them anything.

I noticed after the training that I could sleep easier and manage my emotions better. I have reduced my stress levels, maybe by half. I’m more extroverted and can talk to people easier now. I think it’s just better.

After the training I noticed that I could think about things a lot more clearly and on a deeper level. Before the training I would look at someone and make a judgement, but now I look at them and think, “What is Their Story”, because everyone has problems. I think it’s wrong that before the trainings I would judge someone based on surface level stuff and I think it’s good I came out of the training thinking about judging other people differently.                                                                                  –G

The best thing about the training is the people you meet, it’s like a whole different friend group that gets built with people you wouldn’t think you would be friends with. You meet a lot of cool new people and have new experiences and your able to talk to those people and it’s such a cool thing.

What would you tell another teen if they were trying to decide if they want to sign up?

I would tell them that it is a fun experience. You’re going to meet a lot of great people. You get a great sense of community where everyone is helping you and you are helping them. It’s really fun, I had a good time.