Bridge Agenda

ExperienceCore ValuesLessons Learned
Creating ValueListening
Welcoming parents and giving an overview of how parents can participate fully with their teen.
Goal DebriefsIntegrityFollow up on how teens are doing with their SMART Goals that were set in Discover and how parents can support their teens to complete their goals.
Lazy SusanHonesty
How are teens and parents the same and how are they different? Teens understand that parents have encountered many of the same situations that they are currently experiencing and parents get to hear first hand how teens are handling life.
Maze GameCommunication
Identify Strengths
Playing a game that allows teens to see how they communicate with each other, how they succeed, where they give up and where they do the same thing in life.
Family Vision StatementAgreement
Creating a family vision statement helps families to be aware of their common values and desires as they move through the challenges in their lives.
Every training ends with gratitude and acknowledgements for the amazing people that are part of our lives.