Breakthrough Agenda

ExperienceCore ValuesLessons Learned
The Power of Your WordIntegrity
Teens will take a look at when they aren’t being honest, where they are breaking their agreements with others and how that impacts the way others treat them.
The Gift of FeedbackHonesty
Self Awareness
In this exercise we will practice giving and receiving honest feedback.
Identity GroupsPerspective
Identifying similarities and differences among the teens in each small group
New Possibilities
Getting out of the BoxTaking a powerful look at what gets in the way of us living extraordinary lives, and breaking through these limiting beliefs.
Context vs ContentWays of BeingLearning that being in a certain way attracts more of that same way of being.
React/RespondChoiceEvents in our lives can be interpreted in different ways based on our backgrounds. Learning how to interpret events in a positive way.
Parent PresentationFun
Students will create and present to parents a 20 minute skit outlining the things they have learned in the training.
Teen/Parent ForumConnection
What questions would you like to ask a teenager and get a completely honest answer. What questions would you be willing to answer from a teenager…this is your chance to sit in a forum of questions and answers from parents and teenagers.